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 Robin Nagy  

Robin Nagy is a Professional Learning Consultant as well as an independent Educational Consultant and Founder of EffortTracking.com.  After graduating from Bath University in the UK, with Honours and Masters’ degrees in Electronic Engineering, Robin Nagy worked in industry as a Firmware Development Engineer before deciding to pursue a career in teaching.  He worked as a high-school teacher of Mathematics for eight years in the UK (at University College School, North London Collegiate School and City of London School), before moving abroad to teach in Thailand for four years and then to Sydney, Australia, where he now lives. Robin was a classroom teacher of Mathematics for over twenty years. He also held senior positions as the Dean of Students at Redlands School, Sydney (4 years), Housemaster at Cranbrook School, Sydney (6 years) and Head of Year at Bangkok Patana International School, Thailand (4 years). He served on the Executive of the Mathematics Association of New South Wales for several years and has presented at numerous state, national and international conferences on Mathematics Education and Effort Tracking. His recent work on Student Effort-Tracking has drawn interest and attention both nationally and internationally and he was the recipient of an Outstanding Session Award at the 2017 Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) Excellence in Professional Practice Conference (EPPC). He presented his work at the 2017 Educator Summit in Pennsylvania, hosted by Angela Duckworth's organisation: Character Lab.




Quotes about Effort Tracking:

   Simon Buckingham Shum  

"Robin Nagy’s  work is a fine example of a teacher iteratively refining a formative assessment tool with and for colleagues, to provide a practical aid to assess “student effort”. His work is grounded in the practical realities of the classroom, backed by statistical analysis, and creates a compelling visualisation, serving as the springboard for a mentoring conversation with students of all abilities."


Professor Simon Buckingham Shum
Connected Intelligence Centre 
University of Technology Sydney

   Sean Corcoran  

"The effort tracking data has been really useful in understanding how students are progressing, in terms of dispositions which we know will best set them up for the future. Having a student self-reflection piece in conjunction with their teachers' rating is a powerful tool for forward-looking, data-driven coaching conversations."


Sean Corcoran 
Head of Secondary School,
SCECGS Redlands, Sydney

   Angela Duckworth  

"Feedback is essential to learning, and immediate, specific feedback is the best kind there is."


Professor Angela Duckworth
University of Pennsylvania and
Founder and CEO of Character Lab

   Bill Hansberry  

"Many young people suffer from ‘the smart curse. This insidious mindset says school is easy for me because I’m smart. This faulty logic, sometimes perpetuated by well-intentioned parents and teachers, is catastrophic to long term success. Inevitably, young people with the smart curse struggle when they hit senior secondary school; academic reward has always come without effort and they have no coping strategies when the going gets tough.  Effort Tracking overcomes the smart curse in a powerful way; I’m very excited about the applications of Robin’s work in helping the next generation of students understand the strong causation between effort and achievement."


Bill Hansberry 
Educational Consultant and Author,
Director, Fullarton House
Adelaide, SA

   Michael Parker  

"The great work being done by effort-tracking goes straight to the heart of focusing on kids’ effort and focusing on kids’ growth at the same time. It’s made a real difference to our students."


Michael Parker 
Oxley College, Bowral, NSW