Effort Tracking

The innovative process of measuring and tracking student effort to improve intrinsic motivation for learning as well as character growth, developed by Robin Nagy over the past 8 years in Australia, is influenced by the ground-breaking research on Growth Mindset (Carol Dweck) and Grit (Angela Duckworth) as well as Visible Learning (John Hattie).

Our Mission

At Effort Tracking, our objective is to catalyse a movement for change within our educational system focused on improving student intrinsic motivation for learning. We seek to do this by helping schools to highlight and value the processes, as well as the outcomes, of learning by making student effort visible, as well as the relationship between effort and growth. Effort Tracking's mission is to effect a paradigm shift in how schools measure and value student progress. We promote the view that students of differing achievement levels can all attain growth and their full potential, by appropriate and consistent application of effort to their studies. We believe that all students have a right to have their effort recognised and rewarded by school systems and that in doing so, schools can mitigate against the harmful effects of a culture of high-stakes 'summative' assessment.

Further Information

Further Information on Effort Tracking can be seen on our Information page.


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